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5 Great Shoe Storage Ideas To Keep Your Footwear Safe And Sound!

Every woman should have two types of shoes: the everyday shoes, which are worn on a daily basis, and the secondary shoes that are reserved for special events. Regardless of whether you have 10 pairs of shoes or 100 of them, it is essential to store them properly if you want them to look, feel and work as good as new. Having said that, here you will find 5 great shoe storage ideas that you can try at home, on a budget!

Wine Crate Shoe Storage

A woman can never have too many pairs of shoes! However, the more pairs there are, the more difficult it is to store them in an efficient and space-effective manner. Why spend a lot of money on a fancy IKEA shoe rack when there are so many DIY tutorials that will help you make your own wine crate shoe storage, in no time? Try your carpentry skills!

Cool Shoe Storage Idea For Your Kids’ Room

Are you tired of removing those stubborn stains from your carpet down the hallway from your kid's muddy shoes? Do you want a drawer that can store their shoes, sneakers or ballet flats without any problem? Here you will find several practical and creative kids’ room decor ideas for your little one’s room. Give them a try and you will certainly not be disappointed!


Display Your Shoes!

If you take pride in owning high-end designer shoes, then you certainly want all your guests to see them proudly displayed right at the entrance, right? There is no point in keeping your beautiful shoes hidden when you can easily display them on a rack like this one - you will be amazed to see just how much you can achieve with a regular closet and two windows!

Turn Your Boots Upside Down!

Cleaning muddy boots in autumn and winter can be really annoying and time-consuming. Look here how you can easily turn your boots upside down, and store them without any hassles. All you need is a hammer, a few nails and several pieces of wood – you do not need advanced carpentry skills for this one. Although this is not the classiest or most modern shoe storage idea, it certainly works perfectly for a cottage or a rustic-decorated home!

Man-made Shoe Rack

This may not be the most beautiful shoe rack idea you can find online, but it is definitely the cheapest and most practical one! You will be amazed to see just how easily and efficiently you can store your old sneakers, by using only some tubes and glue. This is perfect if you are trying to separate your spare time shoes from those you wear on a daily basis.

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