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Working Women: Desk Secrets

Working women are hiding a secret beneath their immaculately organized work desks.

Female professionals are not content with spending a full day in heels nor with their at-home wardrobe spaces. Their solution is to stash thousands of dollars’ worth of footwear in their office, whether they’re piled under desks or shoved in drawers and cabinets.

Fashion Confidential interviewed 20 female workers in Sydney and found that the average amount of pairs of shoes they kept in their office was four at any given time.

"According to our findings, the average Australian woman buys 13 pair of shoes per year," said Jodie Fox, co-founder of customizable footwear brand Shoes of Prey. "I think the rationale behind having a pair for every occasion is that we love to dress. We express so much of who we are through what we wear and shoes are a substantial part of that."

Galoshes, sneakers, ballet flats and high heels are some of the common footwear styles stored at work, but how did the pile get there?

Working women have busy schedules with gym sessions, sprints to the bus stop and after work engagements. With everything they have going on, there's no wonder for the impressive below-desk footwear collections.

Here is a collection of secret office shoe stashes of working women, courtesy of The Cut.

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