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Day Heels: The Most Comfortable Work Heels

The sensible sister to the sexier (and infinitely more treacherous) stiletto is becoming a standby for women whose schedules involve more than lunch. The “day heel” is a popular shoe category that combines the ease of a flat with the polish of a heel.

Many women who commute to work are continually caught between wearing stylish heels that feel bad, and comfortable sneakers that look bad. The Holy Grail, shoe wise, would be a chic heel that can be worn all day from commute, to dinner, to home.

In 2017, high-heel sales in the U.S. fell by 12%, according to market-research firm NPD Group. But to a lot of women, a heel provides the dressiness needed for an important presentation or event.

The day heel is a burgeoning category of flow-heeled shoes that aim to deliver good-looking comfort. You can find them in any price range from the affordable brand Everlane and Margaux, to higher end brands like Manolo Blahnik.

Women shouldn’t have to carry around a second pair of shoes to get through the day, making the “day heel” an essential shoe that every working woman should own.

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