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Improve Your Brainpower With These 7 Changes to Your Desk

Are you adding to piles and piles of paper around you every day? Do your sticky notes stack up? Make your life a little easier, better, and saner by tackling office clutter.

"When you spend less time looking for things, you're not interrupted as much by your disorganization," says Scott Roewer, a professional organizer and founder of "You also start your day and end your day with a clear space and clear mind."

Clear Out Your "Extras"

Get rid of what you don't need! All those extra, random things laying around your office could be impacting your work.

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that if your environment is cluttered, your ability to focus goes out the window.

Impress Your Coworkers with...Bins

Contain all of your personal items inside a container/bin or utilize one of your filing drawers so that items can be tucked away neatly.

A survey of more than 1,000 workers by the staffing firm Adecco found that 57% of Americans judge their coworkers based on the appearance of their workspace, reports Forbes.

Store Your Shoes

The mountain of shoes under your desk is a clutter disaster and super annoying on Saturday nights when you can't find your pumps because they're at your office instead of in your closet. Instead, choose one or two pairs that are versatile and easy to store. Then select a bottom shelf, an extra file drawer, or maybe in a cute bag you can hang on a hook.

Keep Completed Projects Out of Sight

Completed projects should be filed away or scanned and saved into your computer with a title that is easy to remember. If you're a visual person, make color coded labels for your physical and computer folders. This will make organization super simple.

Set Up a System for Paperwork

You need a system for everything that comes across your desk. If you're constantly getting sticky notes and memos from coworkers, consider having a physical inbox next to your office door or the side of your cubicle.

You should also keep boxes for yourself- one for urgent docs and another for on-gong, less important projects.

Cut Down on Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are for temporary use and shouldn't be piling up on your desk. You can avoid this by setting reminders and notes in your phone, and deleting them need be.

Try using a notebook and putting your notes in there instead of randomly on your desk where they can get easily lost.

And Finally...Make it Pretty!

You spend the majority of your life at work, so it's important for your space to feel like you.

One U.K. study backs this up: When researchers surveyed more than 2,000 office workers, they found that the employees were happier and more motivated when they had control over the look of their office.

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