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Secrets Under Foot: Banishing the Overwhelm of Under Desk Clutter

There’s a hidden secret brewing in offices across America. A secret that’s consuming file drawer space, and eating away at prized under-desk real estate. Something that’s been written about more than once, but rarely with a tangible, feasible solution.

So, what is this big secret that’s cluttering the nooks and crannies of an office space near you? What is it that’s leaving women (and some men) shamefully shifting in their work chairs?

Shoes. And too many of them.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’re familiar with the scene. Either you, or someone you’ve worked with, has a vast assortment of shoes living beneath their desk (or perhaps starting to creep out from below). Snow boots for the winter, strappy sandals for the summer, the highest of heels for the “at moment’s notice” cocktail party, and then a few more styles thrown in for good measure. It’s a real-life scenario grounded in fact according to’s 2019 survey of working Americans. Latest statistics show that approximately 79 MILLION Americans keep extra shoes at their office. And 29 MILLION of those people store them under their desk!

This staggering stat included, who had been living this daily scenario. It wasn’t until the moment when a typical working woman needed access to the space beneath her desk that the embarrassment of her self-made shoe pile motivated her to take action. It wasn’t long after that she architected an innovative creation called Hidden Assets.

What is this inspiring female-born invention? A covered 4-cell and 6-cell shoe organizer specifically designed to fit under desks. It is light weight, dust and water proof, and is offered in a small assortment of patterns to meet the needs of every shoe lover across the country.

To date, this amazing creation has come to the rescue of over 10,000 formerly shoe-shamed individuals who were struggling to keep their shoes sorted in a way that was convenient, attractive and cost efficient. This product that banishes the overwhelm of clutter by offering a shoe storage solution that returns a person’s work area to an open, productive space with plenty of leg room.

And from what has to report, it seems that the need for a product like this isn’t just in the office. Based on results, 30% (98 MILLION) of all Americans surveyed would be interested in purchasing an item like this for someone attending camp or college.

Some may say “it’s just shoes”, but the statistics speak for themselves, and numbers don’t lie. The need for the expansion and exposure of a product like Hidden Assets is one that is in the making and on the rise.

Purchase your Hidden Assets Pop-Up Show Organizer at or, or go to Amazon and search InstaCubby Pop up Shoe Organizers.

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